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CAVE CREEK, AZ, Apr 27, 2011

      Celeritive Technologies Announces VoluMill™ for Siemens NX™ CAM and CAM Express
      Fully integrated version of the ultra high-performance toolpath engine now available for NX users

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Sep 16, 2010

      Celeritive Technologies and SigmaTEK Announce
      Release of SigmaNEST® V9.5 Powered by VoluMill™

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Sep 16, 2010

      Celeritive Technologies Partners with CCAT to Develop
      5-Axis VoluMill™ for Airframe Components

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Sep 16, 2010

      Celeritive Technologies Signs Agreement with OPEN MIND Technologies AG
      to Integrate VoluMill™ into Award-Winning hyperMILL®

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Sep 16, 2010

      Celeritive Technologies and Geometric Enter into an Agreement
      to Integrate VoluMill™ with CAMWorks™

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Aug 23, 2010

      David Group Manufacturers Network to Sell VoluMill
      in Michigan, Ohio and Ontario

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Jul 26, 2010

      LCR Sales Associates Inc. to Sell VoluMill
      in upstate New York, Pennsylvania and Ontario Canada

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Jul 15, 2010

      Batewell Industrial to Sell VoluMill
      in Pennsylvania, Maryland

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Jul 9, 2010

      Celeritive Technologies Plans Demonstrations, Announcements, Technical Presentation for IMTS 2010
      See us in Booth#W-1868 at McCormick Place in Chicago Sept. 13-18

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Jan 29, 2010

      Celeritive Technologies Ships VoluMill Universal for CAM
      VoluMill technology now available to every CAM user regardless of system used

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Nov 24, 2009

      Celeritive VoluMill to Integrate with SigmaNEST V10
      First application of VoluMill technology to the woodworking industry

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Oct 23, 2009

      Celeritive Technologies has become the fastest ever to sell 1,000 seats
      of high-speed machining software to the CAM industry.

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Sep 29, 2009

      Celeritive Signs Gibbs and Associates to Sell VoluMill for GibbsCAM
      Broadened exposure for VoluMill in Europe, Asia and South America

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Aug 27, 2009

      Celeritive Technologies announces launch of VoluMill v3.0
      VoluMill Ultra-High Performance Toolpaths now extended to 3-axis applications

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Aug 26, 2009

      Surfware/Celeritive Lawsuit Settled
      Surfware, Inc. and Celeritive Technologies have settled the claims and counterclaims made against each other

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Mar 12, 2009

      Celeritive Technologies appoints new members to the Board of Directors
      Tom Hornaday and Larry Lynott Appointed to Celeritive Technologies, Inc. Board of Directors

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Dec 2, 2008

      Celeritive Technologies Files Patent for VoluMill™
      Patent covering the key technical innovations in VoluMill™ has been filed with the US PTO

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Nov 20, 2008

      Celeritive Technologies, Inc. Announces Launch of VoluMill 2.5
      Celeritive formally announces the release of its patent-pending software, VoluMill™ version 2.5

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Nov 13, 2007

      Celeritive Technologies Launches VoluMill Interactive™
      Web-based interactive version of VoluMill demonstrates its high performance and ease of use

CAVE CREEK, AZ, Oct 23, 2007

      Celeritive Technologies Launches VoluMill Toolpath Engine
      Internet Toolpath Service now Available to all CAM Users via Subscription